Liu Wei (b. 1965

Liu Wei

Date and place of birth:1965, Beijing
1989 BA Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

A major artist in the Cynical Realism (Wanshi xianshizhuyi) movement that emerged post 1989, Liu Wei paintings has been seen to characterize the era’s pervasive feeling of malaise. With renowned works such as New Generation (1990), Liu recycles the iconic image of Mao in an ironic interpretation of China’s current post Cultural Revolution state. Liu has been active in exhibitions such as the touring exhibitions China's New Art, Post-1989, Hong Kong, Sydney and Vancouver, the 1998-99 exhibition Inside Out: New Chinese Art, New York and San Francisco. Liu has also participated in the 46th Venice Biennale in 1995, and has had solo exhibitions at the Jack Tilton Gallery in New York, USA in 1999 and the Urs Meile Gallery, Switzerland in 2004.

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Liu Wei, New Generation, 1990. o/c, 104 x 85 cm.

Source: Courtesy of Liu Wei

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