Rong Rong (b. 1968)

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Rong Rong (born Liu Zhirong)

Date, place of birth:1968, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province

Born Lii Zhirong, Rong Rong changed his name soon after moving to Beijing in the 1990s. Never receiving official training in the arts, Rong Rong was primarily self-taught in photography, first emerging as someone to watch during the brief underground renaissance in the Beijing East Village. Rong Rong is one of the artists to have documented not only the happenings of the Village, but also the larger social and physical changes happening in Beijing. Rong Rong has taken part in the Collection Summer 2004 exhibition at MuHKA Museum voor Hedendagse Kunst Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium, and solo shows at Galerie Loft, Paris, France in 2002, and Galerie H.S. Steinek, Vienna, Austria in 1998. Rong Rong has also exhibited in many other countries including Germany and Japan, taking part in The Witness of Contemporary Art in China (1995) at the Tokyo, Gallery, Japan for his international debut. Rong Rong continues to live and work in Beijing.

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Rong Rong, Untitled No. 1b, 1996-7. Black and white photo, 50.8 x 60.9cm.

Source:Courtesy of Rong Rong